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Customer Testimonials

Going through cancer I have used these cans everyday for almost two years. For a while every time [my son] Land picked a verse, it was the same one: Phil. 4:13. Now that I have decided to leave my Christmas tree up and turn it into a scripture tree, the can is empty. The scriptures are tied on the tree and other people read them when they come in. I love it!

Kim Garcia

"I received an encouragement can from a precious friend when I was taking my dad to radiation treatments for cancer. It was encouragement just to know that someone was praying for us and as a reminder had given a gift. I put the can on my kitchen counter, a place that I passed everyday, as a reminder that we were not in it alone. The scriptures it contained, along with the prayer of a faithful friend encouraged and lifted us up over the weeks that followed. The encouragement can was one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. I have had the opportunity to “pay it forward” by giving the gift of encouragement by way of these little cans myself knowing what a blessing they can be firsthand."

Charla Pino

"I am a 5 year lung cancer survivor - praise God! While being treated at MDAnderson, I had the privilege of living with an MDA nurse that opened her home to patients and their families. It was a such a blessing to me and I wanted to continue to be a part of her ministry across the miles. But how? I proudly placed an Encouragement Can (love mine) in her home to encourage and touch everyone that stays there (patients, caretakers, family, friends). It thrills me to be able to share this with others. We ALL need encouragement as only God's Word can do. You'll want to pass it on. Thank you Kristi Levatino for what you are doing."

Robin Roberson

"I purchased one for my mom at Mistletoe Market last year and gave it to her for her birthday. She always says it's the perfect way to start her day. All of the scriptures are short enough that it only takes a few minutes in the morning before she gets out of bed. Sometimes when I'm talking to her later in the day she'll tell me how the one she chose that morning had some sort of impact on her day. It brightens her morning every morning and the meaning lasts all day!"

Kimberly D'souza

"This is a soft and gentle witness...I still have folks who come into my office wanting to know if they can pull a 'special prayer' from my 'paint can'!"

Deb Kuhns

"I cannot tell you how many times our family has reached into that can for words of wisdom and for a “pick me up.”  It also goes with us to the hospital upon [my husband] Richard’s visits for chemo treatments.  Everyone from doctors, nurses, and our visitors have been touched by your creation."

Debbie Wagley

"I love the encouragement can. Thank you for sharing it.  I received it as a Christmas gift, and it has brought me much joy

Bianca Short